About Snehal

I describe myself as a curious person. I love learning about different cultures and subcultures, and I pride myself on my ability to work with a wide range of individuals. Since 2011, I’ve provided counseling services in the form of individual therapy, group counseling, crisis assessment, and consultation to groups and organizations in both community and university mental health settings. You can read more about my consulting services here.

Having lived in other countries and different parts of the US before settling in New York City, I know how much cultural norms can vary in terms of communication, ideas of success, “what is allowed,” and what we think we deserve. A “one size fits all” therapy model does not capture the nuances of every person. Therefore, I strive to offer services tailored to what you need, where I respect your goals, your experiences, your values, and your strengths. 

Why did I Choose Psychology?

I believe mental wellness is something that every person, community, and organization can work towards. I wanted to learn flexible ways of providing care that are attentive to my clients’ histories, experiences, and values.

To help achieve this goal, I got a PhD in Counseling Psychology. I chose to engage in practice and research across specializations, such as counselor training, self-image/self-worth, gender norms, anti-racism, LGB affirmative counseling, and mindfulness.

Today, I am professionally affiliated with the

  • New York State Psychological Association, where I am a
    • a member of the LGBT Task Force
    • an executive board member of the Division of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
  • Asian American Psychological Association
    • Division on South Asian Americans